About Us

We are one church located in many different areas and we are doing our best to reach the lost and spread the good news of Jesus Christ to the world.

We broadcast our ministry on NLM TV which is a 24 hour Christian television programme featuring teaching, worship, youth and children programmes from our churches.

We run a charity organisation called Paalam Project in Sri Lanka. Its mission is to provide relief and social services to those in need to improve the quality of life of the beneficiaries by engaging in social, charitable and educational services including the establishment of schools for education, children’s homes and vocational training centers, and by providing preventative health education and training to members of the community.

The History of New Living Ministries

Jenny was born in Jaffna, Sri Lanka into a Hindu family. At the age of 11 she was saved when a visiting missionary came to their village in Kopay, and held an outdoor evangelistic meeting. At this time, Jenny knew very little English but she remembers hearing the evangelist saying over and over, "You must be born again". Jenny went forward to receive this new birth, not really knowing what it meant. From that day on, her life was transformed.

Jenny went on to train as a nurse and spent four years working in this profession before going to the Middle East where she worked as a laboratory technician. During these years, God was constantly talking to Jenny about serving Him, but she found no opportunity to do so as a woman in either her homeland or the Middle East. In 1984, Jenny came to England to continue her education not realizing that God was about to turn her life around yet again. While in England, Jenny attended Bible College for three years. In 1986 Jenny went to Paris, France on a two weeks holiday to visit some of her family there. This trip resulted in a new church being formed, following the salvation of her family and friends.

In 1986 God spoke to Pastor Jenny Sinnadurai asking her to start non-religious christian churches among Sri Lankan people. She spoke to her pastor, Adrian Hawkes, with blessing and concent she came to France with two of her friends. She had a brother living in France who helped her to find a place for the meetings and give out leaflets inviting people. On the first day about 40 people came to Jesus. Since then the church in France has been groing on.

In 1988 a lady from Switzerland heard that God is doing miracles using Pastor Jenny Sinnadurai. She called Jenny Sinnadurai to Switzerland and that's how the Churches in Switzerland started.

Than in 1986 under very difficult circumstances she planted her first church in Sri Lanka. Also God gave her a vision to build a community centre in Wattala which would be active in sharing the gospel and social action. This project is a bridge between Tamil and Sinhala people.

In 1994, Canada church was started. Many young people have been set free from adictions and have commited themselves to Christ.

God is working mightily among us. People are getting saved, lives have been changed, marriages have been restored, teenagers have returned home to their parents, people have been set free from drugs.